Writing has always been something I have enjoyed so I write! I am a small town girl that has life experience that would surely be enough to add up to that bachelors degree that I never got.

I grew up on a small farm and now live on an even bigger one. I share life with my hubby, three teenagers (well mostly two because one is at college), 4 cows, two cats and a dog. The only reason there are not more animals on my farm is because we only just moved here a year ago. I hope to add chickens (because they are good to eat, give me eggs and they eat bugs that I hate). I also want goats to clean up the mess of weeds along the fence rows and sheep and an alpaca just because they are cute. It sounds cruel but when you own a large farm the animals need to serve a purpose and make you money or you can’t afford them. Even the cats have a job.

I am a farmer, because you become one when you inherit the family farm, not because I have a ton of experience. I am not a fan of 2000 lb. bulls running at me when I’m in the pasture with my husband who is trying to save a baby calf. Farm life can be brutal and this baby was left behind when her momma died trying to give birth to her twin. BottleĀ  feeding it twice a day along with another calf we rescued this summer was also a new venture. The last thing I bottle fed was my human babies and that was along time ago.

I scream when a snake slithers past my foot, run from the honey bees that live in my bee boxes and am scared to death of the bear that wanders around the corn fields by the house.

But I LOVE the mountain views, the graceful dear strutting around the back yard the streams and ponds and mountain trails for taking beautiful hikes. I love the gardens and crops and love being able to grow and raise some of my own food. It’s a cool process and helps you appreciate life a little more.

I am not a “foodie” or a health nut and I am a very mediocre cook to put it nicely. I can cook edible food and bake edible cookies and that is about the extent of it. But my family is still alive so that’s really all that matters.

I love the amazing cooks like the “Pioneer Woman” I have some of her dishes in my kitchen and I love her big old meat clever knife I bought at Wal-mart. I literally use it for any food item that needs chopped! I drool a little when I am watching her cooking show and she would probably gag a little if she ate something I cooked. But its all good we all have our gifts and cooking isn’t mine.

I have a feeling a lot more Moms are in my kitchen then in the famous cook, writing cook books, delicious food making kitchen. Not that we don’t want to be there we just don’t all make the cut. So, I will share real life, extremely ordinary, non impressive things that I cook and do on my farm. I will share positivity and uplifting tidbits when I think them up and I will let people see that ordinary life and ordinary food can be extraordinary when it’s made with love and shared with people that make you smile.