Wrinkled Apple crisp

What do you do when you have just a few half mushy slightly wrinkled apples left? You do what any non-foodie mediocre cook does. (or you do what any stay at home Mom who doesn’t want to waste money does) You look in the panty and find some fairly old (but still not out of date at least I don’t think it was) off brand instant oatmeal packets that the kids never touched.
You know it was during that phase where you were like these kids need to eat healthier and not eat all those processed cereals and, so you bought them sugar laden off brand maple brown sugar oatmeal to give them a “healthy” option.
So, the first step is to peel the wrinkly skin of those old apples and slice them thin. Then because I want those apples soft I’m not a half cooked apple fan (only the top should be crunchy in my crisp), I put them in a steamer basket on my stove top just until they start to soften.
Then (depending on how many maimed apples you found when you were cleaning out the fridge) dump them into a baking dish that they will allow the apples to fully cover the bottom of it. And of course if you are a crunchy apple lover skip the steaming part it makes the crisp even easier to make. Plus old apples are pretty soft already.
While the apples were steaming I took the packs of instant oatmeal. (l use one pack for each apple) I mean why not there was a whole box of them just sitting in there and I like the topping of my apples crisp to be mostly what the apple crisp consists of.
I dump the packets into a mixing bowl and throw some cold butter in there. Then take one of those cool butter cutter things and cut the butter into the oatmeal. When that is all mixed I sprinkle cinnamon over the apples and dump the oatmeal/butter crumble on top and bake it at 350 until it looks crispy on top.
There you have it wrinkled apple crisp! It’s delicious and super easy. I tasted it and thought it was good but that isn’t saying a lot because I will pretty much eat anything sweet. But when my husband and son ate it they said it was delicious. Who knew?!




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I am a small town farm girl who has become passionate about challenging myself and others to live authentic lives. Pure and simple and real. I draw inspiration from everything, everywhere, but living on a beautiful farm nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania brings it's own inspiration. I have written skits, plays, poems and curriculum for children's programs as well as Bible study guides and children's books. I currently write for "The Valley Newspaper" in my quant hometown. You won't hit city traffic and there won't be much noise other than the clip clop of horses' hooves as you pass a Pennsylvania Dutch buggy. As a wife and mother of three teenagers, I have been taught great lessons in love, forgiveness and acceptance by the school of life. I find my favorite cathedrals aren't like St. Peter's Basilica in Rome but the woods, full of tall pines, changing maples and calming streams. Philippians 2:4 "Let each of you look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others."

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